Essence release Autumn nail glitter range

Essence Glitter Autumn 2018 collection

As the party season approaches, it's the perfect time for Essence to reveal their latest collection of nail glitters.

The Autumn Essence Collection comprises four new glitters created for used alongside nail gels to add some dazzle to your seasonal looks.

This season's Essence glitters include:

Essence Glitter Autumn Flame
Autumn Flame
Essence Glitter Baby Doll
Baby Doll
Essence Glitter Granite Glimmer
Granite Glimmer
Essence Glitter Party Perfect
Party Perfect 

To mix Essence Glitter with gel, simply apply your colour gel as usual and cure, and then mix the glitter with clear gel and apply to the nail, and cure, followed by top coat. Remember to keep the consistency of the clear gel / glitter mix fluid, so that the gel doesn't cure to a bumpy finish. You can also experiment, mixing the glitter with coloured gels. 

Alternatively, simply sprinkle the glitter over the sticky layer of uncured gel, brush off the excess (you don't want to waste any precious sparkle!), and then cure, and finish with a topcoat as usual. Or, you can press the glitter into gel with a brush after flash-curing for just 10 seconds, and again finishing with a topcoat.

If you're planning on filing the nails after curing, remember to always cap the free edge.

The Autumn Essence Collection is available in the UK from Re:New Beauty Ltd, the new name for Bio Sculpture Gel GB.