Spa brand announces Executive changes

Sean Harrington Elemis
Séan Harrington

Skin and spa brand, Elemis, has announced executive updates for Co-Founders Séan Harrington, Oriele Frank and Noella Gabriel.

Noella Gabriel, who has been operating for the last 18 months as President of Elemis USA, has become Elemis Global President, whilst Oriele Frank, formerly Managing Director of brand in the UK, becomes Elemis' Chief Product and Sustainability Officer.

Séan Harrington, Elemis CEO and Co-Founder, is joining the Board of L'Occitane International S.A. as Executive Director with the aim of ensuring Elemis is represented at the highest level; the L'Occitane Group announced the acquisition of Elemis in January 2019.

Elemis Co-Founder and Global President Noella Gabriel
Noella Gabriel
In her new role, Noella Gabriel will oversee the USA, UK and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) directly through her management team as well as contribute strategically and operationally to the business performance across the Asia-Pacific region. 

In her new role as Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, Oriele Frank will focus on the key areas of Product, People and Planet, pioneering the roadmap for major innovation in global product development, sustainable packaging and carbon emission reduction across the whole company. 

Commenting on the developments, Séan Harrington, Elemis Co-Founder and CEO, says:
Elemis Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, Oriele Frank
Oriele Frank

“It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce these significant changes to the roles of my fellow Elemis Co-Founders. The success of Elemis over the last 30 years has been directly driven by these two individuals who continue to inspire and go from strength to strength. They are a credit to Elemis and the industry, so it is only fitting that they now carry the two most critical roles in defining the next stage of the future vision of this amazing journey to being the World's Greatest British Premium Skincare Brand.”