Dr. PawPaw 2-in-1 lip sugar scrub launches

Dr PawPaw Scrub & Nourish

Dr. PawPaw has revealed Scrub & Nourish two-in-one Lip Sugar Scrub and Balm.

This is the brand's first duo pot, inspired by K-Beauty, with the lip scrub in the top pot and Dr. PawPaw's Original Balm in the bottom. 

Featuring 100% natural ingredients, the balm and sugar scrub are formulated with Olive oil for skin hydration, Aloe Vera to sooth and moisturise dry or chapped lips, and Paw Paw fruit for long-lasting skin nourishment. 

Dr. PawPaw Scrub & Nourish features a fragrance of Mango, Orange and Coconut.