CND launch Shellac Luxe two-step nail service

CND Shellac LuxeWe all fell in love with CND Shellac™ when it was first launched in 2010, and now the CND team have introduced CND™ Shellac Luxe™, with a two-step application and just 60 seconds removal time.

Technology-driven, the product is said to offer the fastest gel polish service on the market, and has been developed for clients with strong and healthy nails who want to enjoy the durability and high-gloss finish of traditional CND Shellac™ but in super-fast time.

CND™ Shellac Luxe™ features a self-adhering, all-one-one Base and Colour Coat followed by a high gloss Top Coat. A superior curve-hugging brush with over 200 bristles enables a smooth, even and precise application.

The product wears the same as CND Shellac™ for 14+ days, and is then removed in-salon. Its unique micro pores allow product remover to penetrate the polish quickly, so you can wrap and remove in just 60 seconds. In addition, its porous nature means that treatment products such as CND SolarOil™ penetrate the nail plate.

Commenting on the new product launch, CND™ Co-Founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold says:

“At CND, we are always pushing to improve the speed and quality of our services. New CND™ Shellac Luxe™ is a step-change for the industry. It's a premium service that taps into the things we know our nail professionals and their clients are looking for: faster appointments and kinder treatments.” 

CND™ Shellac Luxe™ is available in the UK from July from Sweet Squared Ltd.