Build up lashes with two-step mascara

Lash FX Build Me Up Black MascaraLash experts The Eyelash Design Company has introduced new Lash FX Build Me Up Black Mascara featuring a unique 2-step application wand and a mascara formula created for use on lash extensions as well as natural lashes.

For the first step in application, apply a small amount of the Step 1 water-washable mascara to lashes giving a natural look, or for more pared down result for daytime wear. For more intense and dramatic lashes, follow with Step 2, adding more product to eyelashes. You can also reapply Step 1 after Step 2 if you want to create a more defined eyelash style.

The two-step mascara can be applied to the tips of lash extensions as it's oil-free formulation will not affect Lash FX adhesives.

Natalie Piper, Business Development Manager for the Eyelash Design Company, says:

“We're thrilled to finally be introducing the innovative Lash FX Build Me Up Black Mascara! This versatile mascara can be applied in a multitude of ways to create different looks, so no matter what mascara look you prefer, this product has you covered!”

Build Me Up Black Mascara can be easily removed using an oil-free make-up remover such as Lash FX Foaming Lash Cleanser.

Lash FX products are available in the UK from The Eyelash Design Company.