Bioglitter offers eco-friendly glitter alternative

With an increasing awareness of the damage that we can do to the planet through plastics, the use of glitter in cosmetics products has come under scrutiny. However, for nail techs and makeup artists who want to keep the salon sparkling, a new environmentally-friendly glitter has been launched.
British glitter experts Ronald Britton have introduced Bioglitter®, an eco-friendly glitter which degrades naturally in the environment. The product is the company's first step in cutting plastic waste in glitter to zero, and the glitter can be used in eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, and face and body glitter.

According to Greenpeace, around 12 million tonnes of plastic are entering the world's oceans every year. Microplastic, such as glitter, can have a potentially toxic impact on marine life. The UK government's ban on microplastics includes plastic glitter in toiletry products.

Stephen Cotton, commercial director of Bioglitter® explains:

“The issue of plastic waste and microplastics is something we've been thinking about and working towards tackling in glitter over most of the last decade.  We've spent several years in research and development and the new Bioglitter® product represents the first naturally degradable glitter on the market.”

He adds:

“We are convinced that [Bioglitter®] will revolutionise the market and demonstrate that there is an alternative way forward.  It represents a large step forward towards our goal, containing around 92% less plastic than any counterpart and naturally degradable, so significantly reducing its effect on nature.”

Instead of using plastic, Bioglitter® features plant-based Cellulose, unique to the brand, that is stable and won't degrade on the shelf. Once it enters waste water environments, soil or compost, Bioglitter® natural decomposes.

Bioglitter® is part of Ronald Britton's aim to create glitter products that are completely plastic-free and compliant with microplastic legislation. They have also recently launched a Bioglitter® product for use in printing and fabrics and Craft Bioglitter®.