Improve skin with Nimue's 12 Week Challenge

Nimue 12 Week Challenge

Inspired by the #nomakeup trend, Nimue Skin Technology have launched the 12 Week Challenge to help women achieve flawless skin and ultimately ditch their foundation.

The derma-cosmeceutical brand has launched a 12 Week Challenge Kit which features seven Nimue home care products, TDS™ Serums (trans-dermal solutions) and a voucher for four professional salon treatments. There are three kits to choose from: Environmentally Damaged to treat dryness, breakouts, ageing and combination skin; Interactive for the treatment of sensitive skin; and Problematic for acne prone and oil skin.

The 12 Week Challenge is underpinned by its own microsite where clients can upload photos and track the progress they are making with their skin.

Victoria Sargeson, Brand Manager at Nimue's UK distributor Sweet Squared, says:

“After 12 weeks on the Nimue Challenge your skin will speak for itself! Nimue's advanced products and treatments have built-in delivery systems to ensure Nimue's powerful combination of active ingredients is delivered into the deepest layers of the skin, triggering a visible transformation and working to achieve optimal skin health. 

“Completing the challenge as directed by a Nimue Therapist should give clients a new-found confidence in their complexion, as flawless skin should be all the makeup you need. We're even seeing brides across the globe go proudly foundation-free on their big days!”

Nimue's 12 Week Challenge promotion is available to new and existing Nimue salons in the UK now from Sweet Squared, and will be rolled out to salons in Ireland at the end of September.