12 months' insurance for the price of 10 from ABT

To support existing and new members during this challenging time, ABT are offering 12 months' insurance cover for the price of 10 to ensure your insurance cover does not lapse. 

“It's important you keep continual cover in place at this moment in time,” explains ABT's Dave Horton. “Continuous coverage refers to having insurance coverage without any lapses. It is important as it may have legal ramifications if a claim is made against you or you need to make a claim in regard to your contents and equipment policies.”

The 12-for-10 offer is available on individual membership and insurance packages as follows:
  • Full Membership
  • Complementary Membership
  • Nails, Tanning and Makeup Membership
  • Hair Membership

ABT membership includes insurance whether you work from home, salon or mobile and includes sympathetic and effective claims support along with:

  • £6 million Professional Liability Insurance
  • £6 million Public Liability Insurance
  • £6 million Product Liability Insurance
  • £6 million Medical Malpractice/Treatment Risk Insurance
Ensure your insurance cover is in place by joining or renewing online at www.abtinsurance.co.uk using the code 124TEN and the discount will be applied automatically.

Published: 10.30am 23.3.2020