Nimue refresh Fadar skincare range

Derma-cosmeceutical brand, Nimue Skin Technology, has introduced new products to the Fader range to fight skin hyperpigmentation.

The previous Fader product line-up has been retired, and the new range comprises six treatment products, each featuring the patented molecule, Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, which is activated by the skin and converts into a powerful fighting active for hyperpigmentation.

These results-focussed products not only treat hyperpigmentation but also seven other major skin complexion disorders including blemishes, uneven skin colour, dark spots, redness, dullness and inflammation. They work by preventing UV-induced DNA damage, blocking melanin synthesis, brightening the skin, and stopping the melanogenesis process and preventing melanin transfer.

Independent clinical testing has shown that, after eight weeks of use, the Day Fader and Day Fader PLUS products resulted in skin with 31% less pigmented appearance and 34% improvement in uneven skin tone. What's more, 85% of subjects experienced a decrease in pigmentation and a skin lightening effect.

Nimue Skin Technology's Fader range is available in the UK from Sweet Squared Ltd.