Supercharge autumn hair growth

Along with colder and wetter weather, autumn has another sting in its tail: increased hair fall.

During autumn we lose more hair than during any other season, whereas during the summer months our body holds on to hair to protect our scalp against the summer’s midday sun.

In a study published in the Journal of Dermatology, scientists followed more than 800 healthy women over six years and found that they lost the most hair during autumn.

But fear not, according to Viviscal there are a number of ways to transition your haircare regime for the new season:

  • Streamline autumn hair regimes, by dropping heavy care products. Now that you've got the colder, crisper weather on your side, there's no need to weigh down tresses.
  • Get a trim: Cut away split ends left over from any summer damage and give hair a fresh start for the new season!
  • Lay off the heat: Give your hair a break and try to put down the straighteners every now and then.

Hair loss can also be a sign of poor nutrition or health issues. Hair cells are the second-fastest cells produced by our body after bone marrow, so hair loss or other hair problems can sometimes be an early warning about our health.

As hair is not required for the body’s survival, it sheds this first whilst putting energy into keeping blood travelling to the vital organs. The active ingredient in Viviscal’s Maximum Strength hair supplements, AminoMar C™, contains an exclusive marine protein complex plus nutrients biotin and zinc, all of which help to nourish hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth from within.